Bradford Oaks

Feb 01, 2018

Be My Valentine!!

Love is in the air and the opportunity to prove that you love where you live is running out! Make sure if you would like to renew and stay in a home relationship with Bradford Oaks you do so by the 28th of February. If the renewal isn't signed by then we cannot guarantee your spot. If you are...

Jan 01, 2018

Sticking to Your New Year Resolution

We have all heard the saying “New Year, New Me” when it comes to bringing in a new year. While this is a great time to make changes that you believe will be beneficial to your life going forward, there are a lot of times when sticking to your resolutions becomes harder than expected. The sky is...

Dec 01, 2017

Finals Finals Finals

Final exams are a busy time of the year for students all around the country. Most students tend to focus on nothing else but preparing for that exam weeks leading up to the exam! We tend to forget about bills that are due, birthdays coming up, miscellaneous tasks that need to be done, and making...