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Bradford Oaks | Fall, is that you?
Where did summer go? With Labor Day just a few days away, it is official…summer is coming to an end. Hopefully you finished filling your bucket list, because as the fun of summer sets in the distance the fun of the new school year rises. It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that the start of school was a combination of the excitement of back to school shopping and the anxiety of a new classroom. Things are different now, aren’t they? This year there might not be a new wardrobe coming and you’re in a new classroom every hour. This year anxiety is replaced with just excitement. This is your year. This year, you can do anything. Set your goals high and achieve them. Then, set them higher and watch as you impress even yourself. There’s a new year in front of you and we are here to help you have the full Florida State experience while you are in Tallahassee! Be sure to check out our September events calendar in the office to get your year off to an exciting start!